Making small business owners'​ lives easier, that's what brings us together and keeps us going.

Say Hi to The Cloudmango Family


Like you, we are entrepreneurs who wish to impact the world positively.

As digital lovers, we wanted to make business management easier for everybody. The idea of Cloudmango is to give the opportunity for each of you, whether a freelance or small business owner, to easily and smoothly take greater control, allowing you to effectively dedicate more time to the core processes of your business.

Our Mission

We are convinced that great oaks from little acorns grow. That is why we want to give to each freelancer and small business owner a simple but powerful tool that will allow you to grow your business as swiftly as possible, but without increasing the need for major capital injection.

The Kickass Team

Omar Co-founder
Chief Operating Officer
Alison Co-founder
Product Manager
Abhishek Senior Front-end Developer
Abhijeet Senior Front-end Developer
Denis Backend Architect / API Developer
Alexey Senior Front-end Developer
Summer Customer Success Manager
Anna UI/UX designer
Zubair Junior Front-end Developer
Miguel Tester / Technical Documentation Writer

We are hiring!

We are hiring across the company and are looking for brilliant best athlete candidates with proven track records of success. If you or someone you know is looking for an exciting, fast-paced company please contact us.

Digital Marketing Manager

Dynamism and creativity. Good communication skills. Consumer / customer focus. Negotiation and influencing skills. Autonomous team-player.

Senior API Developer

Fluent in Python, expert in restful standards. Got a grip of Django? Would be awesome! Got any experience with TypeScript and Reactjs? Sweet!

Customer Success Hero

Achieve annual renewal and expanded revenue targets, facilitate successful onboarding of new customers, leverage best practices to support successful implementation on the customer side

QA Engineer / API Tester

The QA Engineer will be responsible for creating, evaluating and maintaining test plans and test cases for the current and upcoming projects. The position requires working directly with development teams, business analysts and PMO.

Mobile UX Designer

5+ years of solid experience in UX Design, Interaction Design or Information Architecture including an ability to define and drive the process.

Senior Mobile Developer

We're looking for an iOS Developer who wants to push mobile technologies to the limits and do it in an early stage startup environment. Do we have your attention? Get in touch.

Let’s get to work with Cloudmango